Germany’s New Center Right Party for the Renewal of German Values and Economic Progress

We are losing the Germany we love. Crises of unprecedented dimensions in Europe make Germany the destination of an endless stream of migrants and the willing paymaster of frail Eurozone countries. The German government has lost control or lost its mind, most likely both.

We want to preserve the Germany we love. This is why on July 19, 2015 we formed the Alliance for Progress and Renewal (ALFA). We can no longer count on the Christian Democratic Union (CDU/CSU), increasingly drifting leftward to the socialists (SPD). Neither is the answer the increasingly nationalistic Alternative for Deutschland Party (AfD), openly xenophobic, friendly with Russia’s Putin and hostile towards the US and the idea of free trade and free markets. These are policies which have failed in the past and they will fail again. We need policies for Germany’s future.

We stand for a better way, a way for a strong, yet committed Germany. We want to control immigration, fight terrorism, preserve Germany’s economic strength and support families and traditional values. German citizens should be unburdened from the ever increasing debts and misguided policies of too many other EU nations. We seek close ties to the West, firmly withstanding irresponsible threats to Europe by Russian leaders seeking to rebuild their former empire. We embrace the future.

We are proud of our country’s central place as the economic engine and humanitarian conscience of Europe. Yet our national generosity has become wrongly interpreted as weakness: by giving a blank check to undocumented migrants flooding into Germany, by turning a blind eye to Russian aggression against our neighbors, and by tolerating the operations of radical Islamist activists. Against the burgeoning immigration crisis, our current leaders seem to lack German national conviction, while our adversaries are full of passionate intensity.

In this time of moral and political crisis, the great ship of Germany needs strengthening of its moorings. For our hard-working people, be they Germans or properly registered migrants, we need wisely managed economic policies ensuring the health of our strong and competitive social market economy. We need an open debate of the public policies determining our future; adhering to the principles of our constitutional states’; reaffirming our social values and supporting our alliance with Western freedoms. [Read more..]

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